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Sales Potential with Ad Solutions by Self Serve Plus

Self Serve Plus is a leading self-service ad manager portal that automates and optimizes your direct ads sales and creative management with measurable results through a personalized self-serve ad solution.

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Why Automate Ads Sales with Self Serve Plus?

Unlock Incremental Revenue Flows
Reach New Audiences and Accept Deals of All Sizes
Provide Advertisers with Premium Rich Media Ad Experiences
Capture More of the Market
Advanced Technologies & Software for Self-Serve& Advanced Bidding Solutions
One-Stop Solution for Advertisers, So You Can Keep More of the Bottom Line
Automated Insight Tools & Creative Controls to Help Protect Ad Quality
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Optimize Ad Inventory Sales with Self Serve Plus

More than just a software, Self Serve Plus is a self-service ad manager portal that lets you open up your guaranteed inventory to a wider market as you list even your off-the-shelves ad placements. The modular platform can be scaled to suit your needs and provides advertisers easy purchase access to your direct sales inventory. Ensuring a better ad-buying experience for advertisers, this self-serve ad solution also gives your customers the tools they need to create and manage high-performing ad campaigns

Top Features of
Self Serve Plus

Automated Billing

Allow Micro Budget Booking for

Creative Builder for
Rich Media Ads

Easily Link Google Ad Manager and Self Serve Plus Accounts without Having to Change Your Existing Digital Infrastructure

Real-Time Inventory

Deep Insight Reports and Analytics of Ad Buying through Self Serve Plus

Ad Server Integration in

Ensure Data Safety as You Put
Your Inventory for Sale in a Controlled Manner

Transparent Metrics
and Reporting

Easy Payment Checkouts for
Your Customers

Total Control Over Submitted
and Running Campaigns

Customize Eligibility Criteria for End Users with Comprehensive Features that Can be Scaled

Fixed Prices for Placements

Advanced Tools for Your Customers to Create Self Service-Ads

Review Ads through the Self-Service Dashboard

Thorough Assistance: From Backend Integration & Website Modifications to Self Serve Plus Ad Manager Training

Accept All-Sized Ad Deals, Reduce the Workload of Manual Sales, Reduce Your Operating Costs, Reduce Reliance on Programmatic and Remnant Inventories, Free Up More Time for Core Tasks, and Much More
Help us understand your needs for a personalized self-service ads-buying solution that can optimize your direct sales inventory for maximum revenue generation.

Optimize Your Direct Sales Inventory

Innovations like programmatic advertising caused a paradigm shift in the digital marketing landscape, empowering brands and advertisers to optimize their ad spending in the best way possible. Now, there’s no need to compromise on revenue by opening up your remnant inventory to DSPs. It’s time to bring the power back into the hands of publishers, as automating the sales of self-service ads offers the opportunity to regain control over ad placements for your digital assets
Direct sale Inverntory with Self Sevice ads

Challenges of Manually Selling Direct Inventory

It is time-consuming.
Involves a lot of effort in terms of human interactions, calls, discussions, etc.
Reach is limited to the bigger names in advertising.
Limited SME reach clamps down profit margins, missing out on lucrative ad deals.
Leftover inventory then has to be sold through programmatic and bidding, which generally has quite low CPM profit margins to offer.
Selling Direct Inventory Digital Self Service

Self Serve Plus

Self Serve Plus is a self-service platform for publishers that can help you automate the sales of your direct inventory. It delivers premium ad experiences to your customers, allowing them easy access to buy your guaranteed inventory at fixed prices. Apart from this convenience, Self Serve Plus also empowers advertisers and brands to create engaging rich media ads easily.
Self Service ad Platform

What We Offer

Strategically Optimize and Structure Your Marketplace

Simplify Advertiser Account Management

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