Choosing the Right Solution for Your Self-Service Advertising Needs

Whether you are considering monetizing your website or multiple websites as an advertising network, self-service advertising is just what you might be looking for. For any publisher or ad network, white-label self-service platforms are the best way to maximize revenue generation.

What are Self-Serve Ad Networks or Platforms?

When it comes to the direct sales of an ad space inventory, a self-service ad network or platform functions as an intermediary, brokering the sale and purchase of ad spaces between publishers and advertisers/brands. These platforms help publishers build easy-to-use portals with numerous editable features for allowing advertisers to set up and monitor their campaigns. Publishers and ad networks can use self-service platforms to set up ad zones, monitor real-time ad statistics, and optimize the available ad zones and campaigns to ensure high revenue generation.

Ways of Using Self-Serve Ad Platforms

  • As an Ad Network: A self-service advertising platform can be used by an ad network for monetizing ad space inventories from a range of publishers that come under the network.
  • As a Publisher: A publisher with a website or even a network of websites can use self-service advertising platforms to monetize their ad zones.

Things to Look for In a Self-Serve Ad Platform

Offering many benefits for publishers, advertisers, as well as ad networks, self-serve ad technology has gained a lot of popularity in recent times, and today, you can find a plethora of self-service advertising solutions in the market. To help you choose the right self-service advertising network or platform, here are some important features that you should look for:

  • Advanced AdTech: Advertising technology is advancing by the day. When choosing a self-serve ad platform for a white-label ad portal to automate your direct sales, ensure you choose a platform that is up to date with the latest AdTech and is dedicated to developing the same even further. This will help you stay relevant among your competitors.
  • Range of Ad Formats: Having a variety of high-performing ad formats is crucial for maximizing the revenue-generating potential of your website or publisher networks. Self-service platforms should allow publishers to test various ad zones and formats and should provide advertisers with features that support creativity.
  • No Hassles of Payment & Billing: One of the best benefits of using self-service ad platforms for selling ad space is that they allow advertisers to purchase the ad space they want and pay for it based on the prices fixed by the publisher, which removes the hassles of invoicing, asking for payments, etc.
  • Statistics Monitoring and Customizable Dashboards: The data generated by a publisher’s ad spaces and the campaigns they are running can provide deep insights for optimization decisions. For publishers and publisher networks, a self-service platform that provides real-time statistics and customizable dashboards for reporting and data point selection.
  • White Labelling: An important feature for those planning to set up ad networks, the self-service platform should allow users to rebrand the portal with a publisher’s logo, brand colors, etc. for all the network’s publishers.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Self-Service Advertising Network or Platform

In today’s digital marketing ecosystem, self-service platforms act as tech-enabled middlemen for the direct sales of ad spaces and are essential for publishers and publisher networks. A self-serve ad platform, when chosen right, can provide several benefits, including:

  • Reduced Overhead Costs: The manual tasks that used to be handled by entire sales teams and involved interactions, negotiations, discussions, etc. are replaced by automated processes that are enabled by the self-service advertising network or platform. The hosting and management of the actual portal is also done by the platform, making it a cost-efficient, scalable, ad sales solution for publishers.
  • Easy to Set Up: Most self-serve ad platforms are extremely easy to use and involve simple and quick integration. Mostly, the solution provider takes care of setting up the sales portal for publishers and even provides requisite training for using the platform.
  • Enhanced Control: Advertisers and publishers both enjoy enhanced control when they employ self-serve advertising. Publishers are allowed to set eligibility criteria for defining what kind of advertisers can purchase ad space from their inventory, fixing the rates for various ad spaces, and the final approval for running ad campaigns also remains with the publisher. On the other hand, advertisers get to create, optimize, and run interactive ad experiences using the portal provided by the publisher. They also have access to detailed performance metrics, real-time reporting, analytics, etc. for managing live ad campaigns.
  • Easier Payments: Self-serve advertising works on a pre-payment model and generates automatic invoices for advertisers who fund their campaigns using the self-serve ad portal, which means that there is no more need for accounts departments to chase customers for payments.
  • Easy Scaling: Self-serve ad platforms free up sales representatives, so they can focus on sourcing new clients for revenue generation, encouraging business growth.
  • Transparency: Publishers enjoy 100% visibility across all data, campaigns, and revenue generated.

Self Serve Plus is one of the best self-service ad platforms for optimizing and automating direct ad sales and ad campaign management. Providing personalized self-service solutions for publishers, the platform allows you to reach out to more advertisers, accept ad deals of varying sizes, reduce workload, reduce operational costs, and much more.

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