Self-Serve Advertising Technology: Defining the Way Forward for Publishers

From e-commerce websites for shopping online to chatbots for troubleshooting across most websites, self-serve technology has become a part of everyday life. The concept and capabilities of self-serve technology have also made their way into the digital marketing landscape, bringing a new way for publishers to optimize the direct sales of the ad space inventory, while also offering advertisers increased transparency and control over their advertising spends.

Still in a relatively nascent stage, self-service advertising technology has already proved to be highly effective and beneficial for both advertisers and publishers and holds great potential for the coming times as well.

Understanding the Role of Self-Serve Technology in Advertising

Where self-service in a broad sense is all about customers finding their own solutions and answers online without having to interact with humans, for the marketing industry, it translates into streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective management of the direct sales of ad space inventories and enhanced control over digital ad campaigns.

Self-service advertising technology allows publishers to automate their ad space sales and ad placement processes, reducing the manual effort and time involved in selling premium ad space inventories. At the same time, the publisher can offer their advertisers an integrated digital platform where they can purchase premium ad space, target relevant audiences, build their ads, launch and optimize ad campaigns, and track real-time performance, without manual intervention or dependency from sales reps.

Advantages Offered by Self-Service Advertising Technology

Reduced overhead costs are among the most significant drivers of self-serve technology in advertising, along with the rising need of implementing automation to upgrade the efficacy of advertising processes across the digital landscape.

How Publishers Benefit

Self-service advertising technology enables publishers to streamline their ad space sales and open their ad inventory to wider markets, helping improve revenue generation.

  • Efficient Processes: Self-serve technology can help publishers automate their direct sales processes and repetitive manual tasks, which allows teams to focus on core business functions.
  • Wider Reach: Automating ad sales ensures easy access for small and medium businesses as well, which opens up new demand channels for the publisher, helping maximize the overall revenue-generating potential of the direct sales inventory.
  • Retain Control Over Ad Campaigns: Publishers have complete control over defining the eligibility criteria for advertisers who can buy their inventory. Additionally, ads are only displayed on the website after final approval by the publisher.
  • Invoices and Payment: Self-service advertising technology also removes the need to generate invoices or wait for delayed payments, as many self-serve platforms work on a pre-payment model.

How Advertisers Benefit

Through self-serve platforms, publishers can extend a number of benefits to their advertisers to gain a competitive edge over other publishers.

  • Enhanced Control: Advertisers have control over every detail and aspect of their campaigns, including budget setting, ad creation, targeting, when their ads will appear, etc.
  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring: Self-service advertising platforms offer advertisers easy access to real-time metrics to track their campaign performance, so they have transparency regarding where and how their ad budget is being spent and can optimize their campaign in real-time based on the performance.
  • 24X7 Access: Self-servicing advertising technology is not limited by business hours or geographical time differences and allows advertisers access to their campaigns and publisher ad inventories at any time of the day. It also reduced dependencies on sales representatives, further helping advertisers save time and effort.

Self-service advertising platforms allow publishers to regain control over their ad placements, so they no longer have to compromise revenue by having to open up remaining ad inventory to DSPs. Platforms like Self Serve Plus help publishers automate their direct ad sales, while also delivering premium ad experiences and capabilities to their customers, along with easy access to guaranteed ad inventories. Self Serve Plus also empowers brands and advertisers to conveniently create and manage campaigns with interactive rich media ad experiences.

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