Optimize Your Direct Ad
Sales for Improved Revenue

Reach new audiences and accept deals of all sizes with
ease. Self Serve Plus can help you automate and optimize
the sales of your guaranteed inventory, providing
advertisers and brands easy, direct access to your ad
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Get Customized
Solutions with Scalable

Automate ad sales for your publisher websites
with a solution that is tailored to match your
requirements. Build your Self Serve Plus solution
with features like:

Real-Time Checks for
Inventory Availability

Access to a Rich Media Creative
Ad Builder for Your Customers

Comprehensive Overview of Active
and Submitted Ad Campaigns

Easy Linking with Google
Ad Manager for Better
Ad Placement Management

Automated Billing Processes and
Flexible Payment Options
for Your Customers

Automated Report Creation for
Metrics, Analytics, and Insights

From Integration to Management

When it comes to automating the sales of ads on publisher sites, Self Serve Plus provides end-to-end support to all customers to ensure seamless implementation of the solution. Our services encompass:

Setting Up of the Self-Serve Infrastructure
Integration with LMS, CRM, etc. for Complete Automation of Publisher Website Ads Sales
Complete Backend Linking with Your Existing IT Infrastructure
Seamless Linking of Ad Managers for Better Placement Management
Placement of Relevant Link for the Self-Serve Platform on Publisher Websites for Ads Sales
Comprehensive Onboarding by Experts for How to Best Utilize Your Platform
Best Practices for Affecting a Shift from Manual to Automated Sales Processes
Provision of Trainings for Your Functional, Core, and Management Teams
Complete Guidance and Support in Strategizing & Marketing
Integration of ads on publishers website
Control Over Self Serve Ads

Retain Complete Control Over Your Ads

Create a Customized Online Marketplace for Selling Ads on Your Publisher Website
Create and Manage Ad Placements
Manage Inventory, Pricing, or Link with Your Ad Manager
Manage Your Advertiser Accounts
Offer Customers Reporting & Creative Optimization Tools
Ads on Publisher Website are Only Displayed after You Review and Approve Them
Manage Eligibility Criteria to Define Who Can Buy from Your Inventory

Reach New Markets

Maximize the Collective Potential of Your Direct Sales Inventory
Provide Easy Access to Small and Medium Businesses
Allow Brands to Define Their Budget Size
Customers Get Access to Creative Optimization Tools to Create Engaging Ads for Your Publisher Website
Optimize Time and Effort Utilization
Democratize Advertising Abilities for Small and Medium Advertisers
Open Up New Demand Channels
Reach New Markets with Self Serve ad Platform
Improve Revenue Generation for Better ROIs

Improve Revenue Generation for Better ROIs

Automation of Ad Sales Helps Ensure Even Small Budgets for Ads Offer Publisher Websites Cumulative Profits
Creative Optimization Capabilities Offer Publishers a Competitive Edge
Eliminate the Need for Repetitive Manual Tasks
Automated Processes Help Ensure Business Teams Can Focus on Core Operations
Simplify Management of Publisher Website Ads Inventory, Advertisers, Etc., and Remove the Risk of Human Error
Take Control of Your Ads Sales and Inventory and Maximize Your Revenue Inflows with Ads Sales Automation Solutions by Self Serve Plus that are Customized for Your Individual Requirements.

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Why Choose Self Serve Plus?

Maximized Uptime
Flexibility and Scalability
Easy-to-Use Interface
Comprehensive Setup Support for Integration of Ads Sales Solution
Customization of the Solution as Per Your Requirements
Complete After Sales Support
Self Serve Plus

Self Serve Plus for Automated Sales
of Ads on Publisher Websites

Wider reach, optimized ad space sales, better ROI, etc. are just some of the benefits that publishers
can avail through the automation of their processes for direct ad sales inventories. Without the
efforts that manual sales demand, publishers can reduce their workload by up to 90%, which frees up
the sales team to focus on their core operations. Lead scoring, reporting, negotiations,
appointments, etc. are all part of selling direct ads and are extremely time-consuming processes.
Automating these processes with scalable sales automation solutions by Self Serve Plus for placing
ads on publisher websites can therefore not only help save time but can also enable a reduction in
the overall operational costs.